Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mike Judge's new film EXTRACT gets a trailer

By: JaysQ

Looking forward to this one. Mike Judge never disappoints and I think Jason Bateman will mesh well with his style. Plus, another comedy to feature the awesomely cool J.K. Simmons is never a bad thing. EXTRACT is set to hit theaters on September 4, 2009.

Click below to see the trailer at Cinematical

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time travel never looked so!

By: JaysQ

I was reminded of this film when I was reading some Anna Faris, Observe & Report interviews. Gareth Carrivick has directed alot of TV in the UK, but is relatively unknown in the world of film. Not that it matters. This looks pretty damn funny. Here's the trailer for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT TIME TRAVEL set to open on April 24, 2009.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miyazaki's PONYO ON THE CLIFF BY THE SEA on it's way to U.S. shores this summer!

By: JaysQ

The new animated epic from Hayao Miyazaki has FINALLY been given the U.S. release date of August 14, 2009 and I couldn't be more thrilled. The film which is titled PONYO ON THE CLIFF BY THE SEA was originally released by Toho on July 19, 2008, in theaters across Japan and on 481 screens, breaking the record for domestic films. It is definitely much anticipated, but I don't even hold the slightest doubt it will surpass expectations.

The story centers around a young fish girl named Ponyo after she's run away from her home in the sea. She gets stranded on the shore and is rescued by a young boy named Sosuke who lives on a nearby cliff. They both quickly take a liking towards each other, but inevitably Ponyo's father comes looking for her and takes her away, causing sadness for both. I don't want to give any more of the plot away because the aspects of innocence and discovery are what Miyazaki films are all about.

Some of the voice talented attached to the film include Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas (the only likable Jonas brother)as Ponyo and Sosuke respectively. In addition we have Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Cloris Leachman, Liam Neeson, Lily Tomlin and Betty White all voicing characters.

As a hardcore fan of Mr. Miyazaki's work, I have been frothing at the mouth in yearning for Ponyo for some time now. From what I've seen so far (which intentionally hasn't been much for the reason I stated above)this looks to include all the visual and narrative beauty combined with all the awe-inspiring weirdness that I've come to expect from the master's imagination. You can count on me to be there opening night for this one.

Here is some video of Ponyo, looks delightfully strange doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This YEAR ONE trailer awakened my most secret primordial urges...

By: JaysQ

Aggghhh! I can't wait for this one. The first trailer that came out with the Super Bowl was pretty good, but now that I can see the full scope of the flick to some degree I feel more confident it's gonna be great. Michael Cera looks hilariously awkward as usual and we all know Jack Black is a cut-up, plus lots of cameos equals me laughing my ass off. Harold Ramis has some pretty amazing credits to his name in all catagories and I have no doubt this will be more of the same. Check the new trailer that came out this week with I LOVE YOU, MAN.

GREEN LANTERN Update: Captain Kirk to play Hal Jordan??

By: JaysQ

Now that The GREEN LANTERN is set to start filming mid-September in Australia, Warner Bros. is starting to look for a star for their franchise and IESB has reported that Chris Pine is at the top of their lists. The actor who is about to portray Captain Kirk in the new STAR TREK film does look the part, but will he be up for becoming a two-franchise man. My guess is that he would.

I think he's a decent actor, liked him in his roll in SMOKIN' ACES, but I can't help but wonder if he's got the chops for both of these roles. Not to mention the fact that both franchises have an unforgiving and oft times uncompromising fanbase. That's old news for trekkies, however, this'll be the first time we get a taste of Hal Jordan on the big screen so it'll be under much scrutiny.

The new STAR TREK keeps calling to me everytime I see the trailer. I want to just love it, no questions asked, but there's a part of me that remains apprehensive. It opens May 8, 2009 and GREEN LANTERN is set for a December 17, 2010 release date.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


By: JaysQ

In addition to sending me into a spasm of gut laughter MISS MARCH also managed to teach me a few lessons about life: If your suffering from muscular atrophy do NOT make any sudden movements, never ever piss off homicidal firefighters wielding axes (or their loved ones), and possibly most important, when receiving oral sex from an epileptic don’t even think about enhancing the mood with strobe lights. That is if you value your manhood anyways. You will learn all this and more in the new comedy from Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, the geniuses behind the comedy sketch show The Whitest Kids U Know. The show itself is equal parts absurd, disgusting and hilarious; a formula that I’m happy to say they don’t deviate from in their film debut.

Enter young Tucker Cleigh (Moore) and Eugene Bell (Cregger), childhood best friends despite being almost complete opposites. One day as the boys rummage through the belongings of Eugene’s older brother they stumble upon something they weren’t expecting. Porno!! Playboy to be exact (The classiest skin-mag ever created) They both have their own distinctly different reactions to the images, but from there on out their lives are never the same again.

Fast forward to present day. Tucker, having tried to model his life around the principles of his hero Hugh Heffner, has become a zealous chaser of tail. Eugene on the other hand, has become a fierce advocate of celibacy due to a traumatizing unprotected sexcapade involving his brother (and his retarded pyromaniac baby) that results in him being thrown in the loony bin. Now he and his longtime girlfriend, Cindi Whitehall (played by the strikingly beautiful Raquel Alessi) lecture youngsters in a scared straight style seminar about waiting until marriage to have sex.

With senior prom night getting closer a reluctant Eugene agrees to have sex for the first time at the request of Cindi. Tucker helps him to gear up for it, as any good best friend would, by throwing back a few stiff ones. Drunk as a skunk and finally ready he heads off to meet his sweetheart whose already excitedly waiting, but accidentally takes a nose dive down a set of basement stairs and finds himself in coma.

Four years later Tucker, assisted by a Louisville slugger, snaps his friend out of his stupor. A confused and upset Eugene learns much has changed since prom. All his loved ones have moved away and his girlfriend has gone from innocent virgin to bonafide Playboy Bunny. In typical road trip fashion the two set out to the Playboy Mansion on a mission to confront Miss March.

Admittedly I was already in love with the stylings of The Whitest Kids, but fan gushing aside, Moore and Cregger have an undeniable chemistry on screen. They did well punching up a rather mundane script as well as directing themselves. Not to mention making a lot of smart casting choices.

The always golden Craig Robinson (Zach and Miri make a Porno, The Office) shines as the duo’s old friend and hip-hop sensation Horsedick.MPEG (still makes me chuckle days after seeing the film). Seriously Hollywood give Robinson more work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a major or minor role that he didn’t kill with his excellent comedic timing and delivery. It’s well past time he get some parts as a leading man.

Other humorous guest spots include Cedric Yarbrough (Reno 911) making a brief appearance as one of the coolest doctors Ive ever seen and the legend himself, Mr. Hugh Heffner, also cameos in his largest speaking role ever.

One of the most surprising things about the film is that amidst all the sex antics, cussing and gross-out humor it actually manages to have a few genuinely heartfelt moments. I’m not sure if it’s a result or the acting or writing, but I have to give them credit for tuggin on the ol’ heartstrings in an otherwise testosterone laden experience.

All in all MISS MARCH doesn’t necessarily update the over saturated sex comedy genre, but if you love that sort of thing it sure as hell will make a hysterical addition to your collection. Still, here’s hoping that this project leads them to some opportunities more within the realm of their sketch comedy work.

From The Whitest Kids U Know, Season 2, Episode2.

Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL trailer looks badass!!

By: JaysQ

There really isn't much I can say about this trailer that it can't say for itself. It's about seven layers of friggin cool. So nice to see Raimi getting away from web-slingers and back to his horror roots. Just check it out and get giddy excited like I did.

Friday, March 13, 2009

WATCHMEN Review, better late than never

By: JaysQ

It’s been a long time coming for the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s landmark graphic novel that deconstructs the archetypical superhero mold. The film rights were originally acquired in 1986 and since then its been through four directors, four screenwriters and a list of possible actors attached to the project ranging from the hilarious to the just plain absurd (Keanu Reeves as Dr. Manhattan, Tom Cruise as Ozymandias, Simon Pegg as Rorschach). Some people, including Mr. Moore himself, have even said that the story is not filmable, yet thanks to (visionary?) director Zach Snyder, Watchmen has hit the big screen. Now that the deal is done one important question remains. Was it for better or for worse? Over the past few weeks a myriad of reviews and opinions have surfaced concerning this matter. I’ve seen criticisms calling it everything from the biggest flop of the year to the best thing since sliced bread. There are valid sides to both arguments and it definitely has its shortcomings, but even with all these mixed feelings I walked out of my IMAX screening Friday night feeling satisfied. Well mostly.

Now as a ravenous fan of comic books from many different genres I have my own personal investment in Watchmen as well, and if you know nothing about the story or its characters, let me give you a very brief synopsis. Set in an alternate 1985, the glory days of costumed super-heroes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered, an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so discover a plot far more heinous than they ever expected.

To say that this film starts off with a bang is an understatement. In the opening scene we find ourselves introduced to Eddie Blake a.k.a. The Comedian (excellently played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), an aging hero working for the government, relaxing in his home. Within a matter of moments, his quietude is abruptly and harshly disturbed as he finds himself in combat with an unknown assailant. This is an important scene for both the book and the film, and it’s done perfectly by all accounts. We’re made to feel every blow and broken bone with shocking authenticity, all the while a haunting rendition of Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” plays in the background. The battle ends with Blake being tossed from his apartment window to the city streets below. The opening credits then roll, also with a well chosen musical selection in Bob Dylan’s “The Times they are a changing” and we see the emergence of the masked hero as well as many of the historical events that play out differently due to their presence. Sadly the movie never quite hits this high point again. It also would seem that this is the only portion that Snyder puts his own personal style on the books happenings rather than just following artist Dave Gibbon’s original artwork.

Once the premise is set, we enter the thoughts of the mentally unstable Rorschach, played by Jackie Earle Haley who really steals the show as the brutal vigilante that dons an ever-changing, inkblot mask. He is fervently investigating the murder of The Comedian and what he thinks is a plot to kill off all masked super-heroes. During the course of his inquisition we also get to meet the rest of the former masks. Dan Dreiberg, the Nite Owl, a frumpy but kind hearted retired hero. Adrian Veidt, or Ozymandias, a respected businessman who was the only former hero to reveal his true identity. And finally the solitary hero to actually posses super human capabilities, John Osterman,(named Dr. Manhattan by the U.S. government, for whom he works), and his lover Laurie Juspeczyk ( Silk Spectre).

Patrick Wilson portrays Dreiberg with just the right amount of innocence and Malin Akerman is a suitable Silk Spectre, but ultimately neither of their performances stand out in any way. Matthew Goode’s Ozy, on the other hand is just bad. He plays the supposed most influential and “smartest man alive” with all the subtlety and poise of a 1980’s glam rocker. As I mentioned before the real show stopper is Haley’s Rorschach. His intensity and dedication to the character shows through in spades. After initially feeling put off by Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan (Especially his voice, which I had never envisioned him to sound as such), I ended up really appreciating his bemused, detachment and not feeling totally overwhelmed by his luminescent blue member (Something that cannot be said for the rest of the audience in my showing. Especially my buddy, whose snickering was present for every single scene that revealed his glowing shame). All in all, I’d say it was quality acting throughout.

At this point in the story, the real nitty gritty starts to unfold. On a live television broadcast Jon is accused of being the cause of cancer in some of his friends and former colleagues. The accusations are taken seriously and this forces him into a self-imposed exile on Mars, where he contemplates his former life. This is the next really beautiful scene of the film, specifically as we see the accident that gave Jon his powers. However, with Dr. Manhattan gone, humanity as a whole is sent into political turmoil. The Soviet Union immediately takes advantage of the seemingly defenseless U.S.A. and invades Afghanistan. Dan and Laurie end up living together after the government boots her from their living quarters and Rorschach is arrested in the middle of his investigation. Also Adrian is assaulted by an unknown assassin which lends credence to the mask killer conspiracy theory. Because of this, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre decide to come out of their forced retirement and break Rorschach out of jail.

In the midst of the jailbreak scene I felt the film was injected with some renewed vigor. Seeing Haley without the mask was incredible. I could see the pure rage behind his eyes, waiting to explode at a moment’s notice. And the things he does to his fellow inmates is just plain savage. I had goose bumps when he screams to the entire prison cafeteria “I’m not stuck in here with you, your all stuck in here with me” after dousing an attacker with a vat of scalding hot cooking oil. There are more ferocious incidents, but my favorite is a series of throwaway puns between Rorschach and his old nemesis, Big Figure (played by the best small actor of all time Danny Woodburn. I love that guy!!) and it doesn’t end well for him. You just have to see it for yourself.. Once out of prison, Jon shows up and takes Laurie away to Mars where they discuss his emotional involvement with the Earth as it plunges into Armageddon. Dan and Rorschach continue their search and end up finding something they don’t like. Apparently one of their own, namely Adrian Veidt, is a potential suspect in the murder case. They set out to confront him at his Antarctic retreat and it‘s there that he divulges his true plan: to save the world from complete destruction. Unfortunately it involves the death of millions of innocent people.

The final chapter is where I find myself having the most problems with the film. Up to this point Snyder has given us a near picture perfect, panel-by-panel adaptation of the graphic novel, but suddenly he veers down a completely different path. Rather than teleporting what’s made to look like a giant, alien squid/nightmare bomb into New York he instead sets off a series of explosions made to look like Dr. Manhattan’s awesome power around the globe. This definitely didn’t sit right with me in my initial viewing, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what it was that bothered me about the change. It took fellow reviewer Alexandra DuPont's musings to help me realize my misgivings.

"I already know the arguments in favor of this change: It ties Veidt's plan more
directly to the other characters; the "squid" would look stupid; it brings
destruction to the whole planet instead of New York; it makes the parallels to
9/11 less blatant; yadda yadda yadda. If that makes the filmmakers feel better,
fine. But allow me to retort. First off, the "alien threat" didn't have to be a
giant squid; it could have been something more abstract, or even some kind
of massive bombardment from deep space. Second, putting the blame on an
American citizen turned into a weapon by an American laboratory accident -- superhero gone mad or no -- ultimately puts the blame for everything on
America, period. Veidt's plan is meaningless unless the threat is completely
external and all terrestrial villains are off the suspect list. I can't fathom
how Snyder and David Hayter talked themselves around this simple fact."

Neither can I.

In my final thoughts, I must once again reiterate that on a narrative and visual level I think that the Watchmen film is a success. Fans will find it a near perfect adaptation, while those with no investment in the graphic novel will still walk away satiated. This doesn’t negate the fact that Snyder does make some mistakes. He gets some of the smaller nuances of character relationships downright wrong, such as Dan and Rorschach’s awkward friendship and Jon’s reliance on Laurie as his last lingering connection to the feeling human world. Also some of the fighting sequences and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) a gratuitous sex scene feel out of place and are misrepresented from the original artwork. It’s this focus on testosterone fueled violence and special effects paired with a lackluster approach to the gravitas of the more thematic and though provoking elements of the story that lead me to believe Zach may not have been the right man for the job. Regardless, his film will effect you to some lingering degree and it is definitely a must see in the theaters.

Monday, March 9, 2009

OBSERVE and REPORT red band trailer!

By: JaysQ

As a fan of The FOOT FIST WAY, I'm pretty excited about Jody Hill's new dark comedy OBSERVE & REPORT. So far it has been the subject of some pretty mixed feelings. From the excerpts of the script I've been able to read all signs point to this being hysterical and deliciously violent. Don't expect to see an Apatow style Seth Rogan though. He's not his usual lovable light-hearted loser here, but I feel delving into the dramatic can only be refreshing for his career.

Click the image below to enjoy the red band trailer!

Salude!! Take a stiff shot of THE HANGOVER

By: JaysQ

The new film from director Todd Phillips looks pretty damn funny. It's three stars: Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are all hilarious guys, but it remains to be seen if they possess the same on-screen charisma and chemistry of OLD SCHOOL's beloved trio. The story focuses on three friends who, after an overindulgent bachelor party in Vegas, wake up to find they've lost the groom and set out to find him in time for the wedding.

Click the below image to see the trailer!

Man it is so nice to see Zach Galafianakis get some big roles in quality films. I've been enamored with his unique brand of comedy for some time, but he's never had a role that I feel has properly showcased his style. Hopefully that will all change in 2009.

The same goes for Helms to some degree. The Daily Show and The Office fame have proven him to be a very funny character guy and I think he's more than ready for his turn on the big screen.

As far as Bradley Cooper goes, I've appreciated most of the work he's done, but I'm not necassarily convinced he's leading man material. I guess I'll find out when the movie is released on June 5th.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

By: JaysQ

Here is the new (and I believe final) trailer for
X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. It's early internet release comes courtesy of USA Today, presented in the most asininely, tiny format I've seen in some time (thanks?). The film opens on May 1st, is directed by Gavin hood and stars Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber.

I respect Hood's work, despite not having seen very much of it.
RENDITION got alot of mixed reviews, but I think ultimately it's a beautifully shot film with good direction. There have been alot of rumors circulating about problems on WOLVERINE's set. Most of it concering Fox execs looking for a damned "family friendly" appeal to the character and harrassing Hood about some of his darker content. I mean that's just absurd in so many ways (how can Wolvie's origin story be anything besides dark?!) but I won't even get into it because it's all just conjecture. Needless to say, it leaves me a little nervous about the atmosphere and tone of this movie, even if Hugh himself has shouldered the task of staying faithful to the source material. Anyways enjoy the excrutiatingly miniscule trailer!

For some reason the tiny version wouldn't embed, but it doesn't matter cause I found a better one anyways!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


By: JaysQ

Here's a look at a new clip featuring Ginormica's orientation in DreamWorks Animation's
MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, opening in InTru 3D, conventional and IMAX theaters on March 27th! The animated sci-fi comedy is voiced by Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Rainn Wilson, Stephen Colbert, Kiefer Sutherland and Paul Rudd.

Click here to see the clip!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Red band trailers for ADVENTURELAND and I LOVE YOU, MAN!

By: JaysQ

I Love You, Man - Directed by John Hamburg. Starring Jason Segal, Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones.

Adventureland - Directed by Greg Mottola . Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Bill Hader and Ryan Reynolds.

Can't wait for I LOVE YOU, MAN. Paul Rudd has been in so many funny roles lately I can't keep track. Segal is a personal favorite of mine since the days of "Freaks and Geeks". If any of their past team-ups are an indication, I suspect an endearing chemistry to play out here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

SIMPSONS renewed for 2 more years!

By: JaysQ

To the surprise of no one The Simpsons was picked up by fox for another 44 episodes. This will make it the longest running primetime series in history, says Variety! I really do take the show for granted sometimes because it's become such a regular part of my life since I was 6 years old. I will cry like a baby the day it ever goes off the air.

I wonder if I'd be the fan I am today if I'd been watching this for 20 years?

OMG Wolverine looks so hawt!

By: JaysQ

Even though I think the new WOLVERINE flick has looked good so far, I was a little perterbed by these new promo shots I found on
XMF. They're so GQ and even though Jackman is looking ripped and trying to be feral, I don't wanna see Wolvie posing for the camera. I would have liked to see some action shots or something along those lines. There better not be any of this pansy business in the movie.

See the other two photos here.

On a side note. What happened to the trademark Wolverine hair? It has become less and less coifed as time goes on. Long ago I had to make my peace with the fact that you can't really dress a guy up to look exactly like the comic book version and despite my ranting otherwise, I do like Jackman in the role. I guess sometimes I still long to see him look like a scrappy little hard-ass instead of a model with claws.

SAM JACKSON signs on as Nick Fury

By: JaysQ

What's better than having SAMUEL L. JACKSON reprise his cameo role as Nick Fury in Iron Man for the sequel? Having him do it eight more times!
Variety reports that Jackson has agreed to play the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in IRON MAN 2 which will again be directed by Favreau and starts shooting this spring.

This lends credence to my theory that MARVEL is headed in the right direction as far as continuity is concerned. The deal would give SLJ the option to play Fury in eight subsequent films, effectively holding down a quality actor to play a very important character in the Marvel universe. I'm just glad to see this finally went through after there was some dissension from Samuel L. and other talent in regards to skimpy paychecks proposed by the film's producers.

ED HELMS slated to go back in time?

By: JaysQ

Ed Helms is working on an interesting project. He and scripting partner, Jake Fleisher, pitched an idea about an obsessive Civil War re-enactor and his buddies getting transported back in time to the actual Civil War. Sounds nutty, but Helms has grown on me alot since he joined the cast of "The Office" so with him playing the lead, I feel fairly confident hilarity will ensue. His castmate Steve Carrell is producing the flick under his Warner Bros based Carousel banner. No details on the story have been released yet. More info at

MICHAEL CERA makes 'Arrested Development' film happen

By: JaysQ

George Michael Bluth is finally going to see big screen action as Michael Cera joins the rest of the TV show's cast after being the lone holdout. Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz will write/direct and Fox Searchlight is the studio involved. They want to start shooting before the end of the year if possible despite Cera's very busy schedule as of late. Full story here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

FUNNY PEOPLE trailer looks genuinely hilarious

By: JaysQ
Well from the looks of it Judd Apatow has knocked his third film out of the park. All the major players (Sandler, Rogan and Mann) seem to fit well in their roles and I can't help but feel that Sandler and Rogan, in particular, will end up having a nice chemistry together. That hunch is partly due to their oft times jew-centric comedic sensabilities, as well as, a brief cameo appearance by Sandler on one of Seth's old shows, UNDECLARED. They didn't share much screen time, but I saw a glimpse of that spark. Anyways, check out the trailer (from
Moviefone) and see for yourself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Could Futurama return to the small screen???

By: JaysQ

The always hilarious Billy West shows off his voices and talks about upcoming Futurama possibilities. Let us pray to the almighty saviour, Matt Groening, that it be so!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rodriguez looks ahead to futuristic thriller

By: JaysQ

Not long ago word started to break on the web about a mysterious Robert Rodriguez project called "Nerverackers" set up at Dimension with an announced release date of April 16, 2010. Since then alot of speculation has gone about Rodriguez's actual involvment until recently when
Variety confirmed that he will write and direct.

The story centers on "a character named Joe Tezca who is part of an elite unit dispatched to quell a crime wave in a theoretically perfect future society" in the year 2085.

This seems perfect for the filmmaker who is often lauded for his technical training and ability to put together amazing special effects on a shoestring budget. Unfortunately it also probably means that we won't see Sin City 2, the Predator reboot, a Machete spin-off or any of the other things that he's been attached to in recent years anytime soon.

Still it is hard to not get excited about a Rodriguez film of this nature. An effects driven, sci-fi thriller seems right up his alley and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Official Trailer! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

By: JaysQ

Not even 24 hours since I posted about the Hasbro toy line, I find the official trailer for the new Transformers flick that's been showing with Friday the 13th. The first one wasn't perfect, but it proved to be an enjoyable, summer-popcorn action movie and from the looks of this unbelievable teaser the sequel is gonna up the ante. I couldn't find an embed, but click the link to see the trailer at Yahoo! Movies! Robots go smashey!

NEW Devastator toy assembles and destroys!


Transformers holds a place near and dear to my heart. What could be better than giant, transforming robots from another planet warring with each other over Earth's resources? Exactly, nothing. I've loved it since I was a kid and over the years I've collected many of the multitude of toys, comics etc. associated with the characters. My absolute favorite of those has always been the mighty Devastator.

Devastator is the humongous Decepticon that comes to life when the six Constructicons combine together. Once formed he proceeds to rain down destruction upon whatever lies in his path. Standard stuff for the giant evil robot ilk. I think it's rather obvious why this was a great toy to own. The one I had as a boy was pretty damn cool, but the one that Hasbro released in conjunction with the upcoming film
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is incredibly cool in it's own right and quite frankly, kinda scary looking. There's plenty more included in the new line so take a peak at the rest here

New mean looking Devastator

Old green and purple Devastator

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jonah Hill sells script to Universal

By: JaysQ

Recently it was reported that Jonah Hill (Superbad, Strange Wilderness) sold a script to Universal Pictures called 'THE ADVENTURER'S HANDBOOK'. The story focuses on four guys who set out on a journey to find a mysterious location, after becoming inspired by a book of the same name. Apparently it was a very hush-hush transaction and up until yesterday Universal still had not confirmed the deal. It's now finalized with Hill and Jason Schwartzman starring alongside each other.

I have to admit I'm a huge fan of Jonah, the Apatow crew, as well as the many hilarious people that have collaborated with them and I doubt 'HANDBOOK' will change that opinion. He sometimes comes under fire when he's in front of the camera, but I particularly enjoy Hill's comedic approach and timing. His co-writers on the film (Max Winkler and Matthew Spicer), though mostly unknown, have contributed to David Wain's humorous internet series 'Wainy Days' which bodes well. Not too mention Schwartzman's attachment. He's almost always gold. All these elements banging together are gonna make for some quality laughs.

The one choice I'm not necessarily convinced on is that of Akiva Schaffer directing. I don't dislike his work entirely. I actually love the digital shorts he directs on SNL (especially 'Lazy Sunday' which is freakin hysterical) but didn't care much for 'Hot Rod'. Regardless, it's far too early to speculate on that anyways.

Check out the full story here

Saturday, February 14, 2009

WOLVERINE TV spots clawing their way into your living room

By: JaysQ

Apparently Fox is going to be airing some 60 second TV spots for the upcoming film X-men Origins: Wolverine due for release on May 1st, 2009. In preparation for that, they've also been airing a promo with some new snippets not found in the current trailer ( Is that Cyclops I see in there)? It's only a few seconds long so check it out.

You can check out the TV spots themselves on Sun, Feb 15. (9-9:30 EST), Mon, Feb 16. (8-9 EST) and Tues, Feb 17. (8-10 EST).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inglorious Basterds NEW trailer is out!!

And quite frankly it looks sweet. I'm a huge Tarantino fan and I've been salivating over the idea of him helming a gritty WW2 picture for a very long time now. The potential for gore and badassery is nearly overwhelming. Not to mention some interesting casting choices that include Brad Pitt, B.J. Novak (The Office) and Samm Levine (That little guy from Freaks and Geeks). Now that I've seen a proper trailer I have to say I'm pleased, but not completely satisfied. Where is the signature Tarantino visual style? It doesn't look bad, it's just your typical bleak grey WW2 backdrop. That petty gripe aside, this looks like a bloody good time. See for yourself.

Monday, February 9, 2009

CORALINE's stunning imagery evokes both beauty and dread...

By: JaysQ

As I was browsing through the resume of the undisputed stop-motion king, Henry Selik, I found a rather interesting credit to his name. Nearly 30 years ago he was an alien designer (sweet job title!) for the 1980’s family/horror WATCHER IN THE WOODS. Rather obscure I know, but it got me thinking in how many ways CORALINE reminds me of that now virtually non-existent genre. Those films were definitely frightening to many kids that watched them. But it was an innocent kind of fear that inspired the imagination rather than torment it. In that vain, Selik’s recent addition to an ever growing list of animated classics, delivers a perfect blend of tugs on the ol’ heartstring and genuinely creepy moments. Add in top notch visuals and a great voice cast and you better believe your in for a treat.

We start the story meeting Coraline Jones (voice of Dakota Fanning) and her parents as they are moving into a new house. As most kids would be, she is a little upset about having to part ways with her friends (or “best trolls” as she hilariously puts it) and is quite frankly, being a bit of a nuisance. Her parents aren’t paying her much mind either as they endlessly labor on a gardening catalog and she inevitably finds herself bored and lonely. Days go on as she tries to fritter away the doldrums spending time with the peculiar tenants of her new building (DawnFrench/Jennifer Saunders/Ian McShane respectively) or the abrasive young neighbor Wybie (Robert Bailey Jr.). All this changes when CORALINE awakens one night and finds a passageway in her new home that was previously sealed off. Through this mysterious opening she stumbles into another world, that looks like her own, but is very different indeed. In this world everything feels perfect and all her troubles disappear. But it doesn’t take long before she figures out that something is not quite right and that there’s a price tag on this happiness.

I really can’t say enough good things about this film. It is downright gorgeous to look at. Often in a dark and deranged fashion. Definite eye candy from start to finish. Selik really showcases the magical qualities of stop-motion and the fact it’s shot in 3D only enhances the visual smorgasbord. I especially enjoyed how he displayed so beautifully the stark contrasts of the real world and the “other world”. Our world looks bleak and gloomy while the other world looks vibrant and full of life, in synch with the emotions CORALINE feels when in both places. One of my favorite scenes of the movie comes in the form a lush living garden that CORALINE’s “other” father creates in her honor, but there is plenty to marvel at throughout.

All of the voice acting is solid, however, Ms. Fanning really nails the spunky attitude of the protagonist and I loved John Hodgman/Teri hatcher as the preoccupied but ultimately loving parents. My favorite character though has to be the mangy enigmatic black cat (voiced by the sultry Keith David) who can also leisurely stroll between the two worlds. The team up between these two in the final act makes for some of the most thrilling moments of the picture.

CORALINE is a gift from the treasure trove of creativity that is Henry Selik’s noggin and is easily a must see in the theater. It truely shows a level of artistry in film the likes of which I am never satiated. Equal parts funny, sincere and disturbing, this is far and away the best feature of 2009 to date and will be tough competition for even the most promising upcoming releases through to december. It is not to be missed!