Friday, February 27, 2009

OMG Wolverine looks so hawt!

By: JaysQ

Even though I think the new WOLVERINE flick has looked good so far, I was a little perterbed by these new promo shots I found on
XMF. They're so GQ and even though Jackman is looking ripped and trying to be feral, I don't wanna see Wolvie posing for the camera. I would have liked to see some action shots or something along those lines. There better not be any of this pansy business in the movie.

See the other two photos here.

On a side note. What happened to the trademark Wolverine hair? It has become less and less coifed as time goes on. Long ago I had to make my peace with the fact that you can't really dress a guy up to look exactly like the comic book version and despite my ranting otherwise, I do like Jackman in the role. I guess sometimes I still long to see him look like a scrappy little hard-ass instead of a model with claws.

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