Monday, March 9, 2009

Salude!! Take a stiff shot of THE HANGOVER

By: JaysQ

The new film from director Todd Phillips looks pretty damn funny. It's three stars: Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are all hilarious guys, but it remains to be seen if they possess the same on-screen charisma and chemistry of OLD SCHOOL's beloved trio. The story focuses on three friends who, after an overindulgent bachelor party in Vegas, wake up to find they've lost the groom and set out to find him in time for the wedding.

Click the below image to see the trailer!

Man it is so nice to see Zach Galafianakis get some big roles in quality films. I've been enamored with his unique brand of comedy for some time, but he's never had a role that I feel has properly showcased his style. Hopefully that will all change in 2009.

The same goes for Helms to some degree. The Daily Show and The Office fame have proven him to be a very funny character guy and I think he's more than ready for his turn on the big screen.

As far as Bradley Cooper goes, I've appreciated most of the work he's done, but I'm not necassarily convinced he's leading man material. I guess I'll find out when the movie is released on June 5th.

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